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Hanare Cafe in Toshijima

Our cafe/bakery is located in Toshijima, a beautiful sightseeing spot just a 20-minutes ferry ride from Toba. We bake delicious unique and classic pastries using fresh, local ingredients.


What We Offer


Our delicious pastries, which use fresh local and regional ingredients, consist of both classic and unique assortments and offer something delightful for everyone.


We offer other food options, such as ice cream, along with a variety of beverage options, including coffee and tea. Hanare comfortably seats eight people; but, with the beautiful weather throughout the year, you’ll find it equally pleasant to eat outside and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the island.

Food Truck

Our food truck occasionally travels throughout the island providing extended access to our mouth-watering pastries. We also ship our baked goods to other islands in the region (e.g., Sakashima, Sugashima, Kamijima) by use of a municipal liner.

Special Order Service

By appointment, we can accept special orders for bento lunch boxes, big fruits tarts, sushi, among other things. Contact us today to learn what other custom-made delights we can offer.


Our Products

We use "Nishi no kaori"(ニシノカオリ) wheat flour produced in Mie Prefecture.

Meet the Owners

hanare owners

Atsushi Tokumoto

Atsushi is from Kuwana, Mie. He studied at a cooking and confectionery school and has 17 years of experience cooking Japanese cuisine.

Eri Tokumoto

Eri is from Toshijima, where her family runs wakeme farming and oyster farming. She co-manages the cafe and provides warm smiles and greetings to customers.


Hanare Cafe in Toshijima

Busines Hours
9:00 - 18:00 *
* If all pastries sell out before close of business, store may close early.

Closed on
Thursdays and Fridays


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